System Optimization

Turbulent Diffusion understands the need for high-performing combustion systems. In order to achieve this, we recommend a system optimization evaluation conducted on a semi-annual basis. Even when no clear problems are present, minor adjustments can have a tremendous impact on the performance of your combustion systems.

To achieve maximum fuel efficiency and optimal performance, it’s essential to look at the entire system and analyze the many factors affecting the process of combustion and heat exchange within the equipment. Our unique approach enables Turbulent Diffusion to analyze the system, identify the source of any problems and implement immediate changes that will produce improvements within hours.

After completion, our customers receive a comprehensive report detailing what issues were discovered, what steps were taken to correct those issues, as well as suggestions for further optimization and improvement.

Turbulent Diffusion can also assist companies in assessing and optimizing their combustion system with respect to emissions compliance evaluations.