Our Expert Services

Be it startup services, field service, operator training, custom solutions or system optimization, we are always looking for ways to improve that which exists and create solutions for that which doesn't, maintaining our leading edge solutions through continuous research and development.

Startup Services

Start-up services are beneficial for companies desiring an assisted start-up with additional equipment training, and for operational training to ensure that the equipment is being used properly.

·     New equipment start-ups

·     Post-shutdown start-ups

·     Trial start-ups

For the installation of equipment provided by Turbulent Diffusion, having a start-up expert on-site ensures that all equipment is installed correctly. This can yield significant long-term savings, as faulty installation can result in unforeseen financial and operational issues.

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Field Services

Whether you have a serious operational issue or are simply looking to improve the performance of your combustion systems, Turbulent Diffusion offers a range of suitable field services.

Operator Training

Turbulent Diffusion recognizes that the people charged with running the equipment are as important as the equipment itself. We’ve developed a comprehensive training course designed to educate operators about their combustion equipment and create an understanding of the entireprocess.

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System Optimization

Turbulent Diffusion understands the need for high-performing combustion systems. In order to achieve this, we recommend a system optimization evaluation to be conducted on a semi-annual basis. Even when no clear problems are present, minor adjustments can have a tremendous impact on the performance of your combustion systems.

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Custom Solutions & Services

The heart of our company has always been a drive for technological innovation - creative engineering put Turbulent Diffusion on the map and supported our growth for the past two decades. We’re always looking for ways to improve what exists and create solutions for what doesn’t through ongoing research and development.

We believe in achieving the best solution for each combustion system. In doing so, we understand each system is unique through operations, process requirements, and capital equipment. Our uniquely designed burners, chain systems, heat recovery components, igniters, scanners, and valve trains are engineered through this philosophy, enabling us to provide accurate custom solutions for each installation.