Single, Dual and Tri-fuel Incinerator Burner Solutions

Incinerator Burners

Industrial Incinerator Burners

Incinerator burners are available as single, dual and tri-fuel solutions as well as solid fuel, and synthetic gas solutions.

Custom Designed and Manufactured

Incinerator burners are custom manufactured and designed for each installation and can fire a range of liquid, gaseous, and solid fuels. Our incinerator burners are designed using the same fundamentals as our kiln and boiler burners with focus on efficiency, emissions, and economics.

Turbulent Diffusion Technology’s incinerator burners enable you to fully combust noncondensible gases (NCG) in a stable manner, safeguarding your equipment and personnel from toxic excursions and corrosive gases.

Flexible Firing

Turbulent Diffusion offers single, dual, and tri-fuel solutions, and each burner can run on a variety of liquid, gaseous, and solid fuel types.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Through the application of our expertise and sophisticated modeling techniques, Turbulent Diffusion is able to optimize flame shape and stabilize the combustion process, enabling our customers to yield significant fuel savings.

No More Upsets

Upsets can be costly - both financially and in the man-hours required returning to normal operation conditions. Our burners are designed for process stability, ensuring that your NCG’s are fully combusted in a smooth and efficient manner

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