Field Service

Whether you have a serious operational issue or are simply looking to improve the performance of your combustion systems, Turbulent Diffusion offers a range of suitable field services.

After arriving on site, Turbulent Diffusion engineers meet with plant personnel to discuss any combustion system issues, operational improvements and production goals. Later, an evaluation of the combustion system including performance, production, and operation is conducted. Strategies are then provided for fuel efficiency and emission reductions as well as operational improvement.

With permission from mill management, Turbulent Diffusion engineers will oversee the execution of suggested operational strategies. Data is analyzed over multiple operation shifts, enabling our engineers to track the effects of their modifications.

After the service work was been concluded, our engineers will draft a comprehensive report outlining every aspects of the visit, including the nature of the issues encountered, what changes were made and what the effects of those changes were. The final section of the report will be a detailed set of recommendations for mill personnel to create further improvements.

Benefits of Field Service:

·      Diagnosis of process issues

·      Operator training

·      Process improvement, such as better fuel economy and product quality

·      Reduced emissions