Chain Systems

A Turbulent Diffusion chain system is the best way to maximize fuel efficiency. We custom design every chain system, and our trained experts oversee each installation to ensure accuracy and strength.

Guaranteed Fuel Savings

The 6% fuel savings guarantee on our burner technology is the best in the industry, and we increase this to 10% with the addition of a Turbulent Diffusion chain system, or 4% when purchased independently.

Built to Last

We don’t waste your money on unnecessary and inefficient frills - Turbulent Diffusion’s chain systems are manufactured with traditional carbon steel and stainless steel. This enables you to maximize productivity – and your budget – with high-quality components that get the job done.

Unrivalled Expertise

How much chain is too much? How long should chain be? Garland or curtain? We have the answers to all of these questions, backed up by years of experimentation and research. We don’t just order a bunch of chain and throw it in your kiln – we produce an optimized system that’s designed for the specific requirements of your application.