Burners & BMS

Burner systems have been the focus of Turbulent Diffusion for over 30 years. We’re not shy about claiming that our systems are the best in the world – because they are. We have unrivalled expertise in burner optimization, and our cutting-edge technology provides our customers with remarkable savings and benefits.

Kiln Burners

Guaranteed Fuel Savings

Burning unnecessary fuel is akin to burning cash itself - using Turbulent Diffusion’s industry leading technology, we guarantee that you will gain 6% in fuel savings every year. For the average mill, this equals a three-to-six month payback period and millions of dollars in annual savings.

Increased Production

Our sophisticated mathematical and physical modeling techniques enable us to optimize flame shape and heat transfer, leading to improved kiln efficiency and production rates. 

Emissions Reduction

Our burner technology allows you to burn cleaner and brighter than you ever thought possible. Reduce or eliminate your TRS excursions and put a stop to excess NOx and SO2 emissions. 

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Boiler Burners

Turbulent Diffusion’s industry-leading boiler burners are designed for use with your recovery and power boilers. Designed using our patented technology, Our burners are applicable toward a wide variety of boiler types.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Boiler burners can consume a large amount of fuel. Turbulent Diffusion enables you to obtain up to 22% fuel cost savings during these periods of high activity through the application of industry-leading technology and modeling techniques.

Fuel Flexibility

Turbulent Diffusion is constantly researching the use of alternative fuels, and our burner systems are capable of firing more than thirteen different types – including conventional oil and natural gas fuels as well as petroleum coke and wood.

Emissions Reduction

Our burner technology allows you to burn cleaner and brighter than you ever thought possible. Reduce or eliminate your TRS excursions and put a stop to excess NOx and SO2 emissions.

Incinerator Burners

Turbulent Diffusion’s incinerator burners enable you to fully combust noncondensible gases (NCG) in a stable manner, safeguarding your equipment and personnel from toxic excursions and corrosive gases. Our burners are custom designed for your specific application and emissions requirements.

Flexible Firing

We offer single, dual, and tri-fuel solutions, which can run on a variety of liquid, gaseous, and solid fuel types.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Through the application of our expertise and sophisticated modeling techniques, we can optimize flame shape and stabilize the combustion process, enabling significant fuel savings.

No More Upsets

Upsets can be costly - both financially and in the man-hours required returning to normal operation conditions. Our burners are designed for process stability, ensuring that your NCG’s are fully combusted in a smooth and efficient manner.

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Burner Management Systems

The purpose of a burner management system (BMS) is to prohibit startup and initiate safe operation when unsafe conditions exist. A proper BMS also provides the operator with critical feedback about the status of your thermoprocessing systems. Turbulent Diffusion Technology offers peace of mind through the installation of our world-class BMS technology.

Custom Design

The dependability of your BMS is too important to leave to chance with out-of-the-box products. Turbulent Diffusion’s BMS solutions are specifically designed to the parameters of your application.

In-House Evaluation

Every Turbulent Diffusion BMS is thoroughly tested before leaving our manufacturing facilities to help ensure quality, customer satisfaction, and asset protection.

Industry Certification

All of our burner management systems are aligned with the requirements of Canadian safety standards, and can be modified to satisfy the demands of any international regulations.