Based in Port Moody in British Columbia, Canada, Turbulent Diffusion Technology Inc. was founded in 1997 on the principle of technological innovation and process improvement. Our simplified combustion systems maintain consistent product quality while significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Turbulent Diffusion started by providing fuel-efficient rotary kiln burners to pulp mills across North America. Over time, we expanded to Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Our product line now includes boiler burners, incinerator burners, and heat recovery systems. As educators, we deliver comprehensive operator training to mills across North America.

Turbulent Diffusion now serves diverse industries, including pulp and paper, cement, mineral processing, petrochemical, and steel. Our theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience makes us experts in the field of combustion and fuel efficiency.

Our Team

Return On Investment

Evaluating the worth of a project typically boils down to one deciding factor –  return on investment . 

Through fuel cost savings alone, our customers recover their investment in  a matter of months  and go on to realize a significant fuel cost advantage within the first year of operations. Turbulent Diffusion Technology sets the industry standard for fuel efficiency and return on investment.

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Industry Applications

Turbulent Diffusion's combustion products are used to optimize operations in industries such as:

- Pulp and paper
- Cement
- Mineral processing
- Steel
- Petrochemicals

Our energy and environmentally efficient products have a successful track record of cost and emissions reductions in all these industries.

Environmental Performance

Turbulent Diffusion is  committed to leading the industry in environmental performance .

On average, our customers receive up to a 60% reduction in emissions, 22% reduction in specific fuel consumption, and a reduction or elimination of TRS excursions.

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