Fuel efficient, high performance bespoke solutions for thermal processing installations in pulp and paper, mineral processing, cement, steel, and petrochemical industries.

Parts & Maintenance

Service - Parts - Suppliers

We have a wide selection of specialized replacement parts for each custom solution. Replacement parts are custom designed for each installation to maintain efficiency and consistency.

Onsite Expertise

Training - Optimization - Setup

Be it startup services, field service, operator training, custom solutions or system optimization, we are always looking for ways to improve that which exists, and create solutions for that which doesn't, through continuous research and development.  

Products & Solutions

Kilns - Boilers - Incinerators

From kiln to boiler and incinerator burners, from value trains to igniters, each of our systems is designed, modeled and customized to meet the needs of your processing equipment. With decades of experience in thermoprocessing equipment and optimization, a Turbulent Diffusion solution provides the best return on investment.


Recover your investments within the first year of operations through proper flame control, heat transfer, and other performance improvements.  


Industry Applications

  Turbulent Diffusion's combustion products optimize operations in industries such as:

- Pulp and paper 
- Cement 
- Mineral processing - Steel 
- Petrochemicals

Our energy and environmentally efficient products have a successful track record of cost and emissions reductions in all these industries.

Environmental Performance

Turbulent Diffusion is committed to leading the industry in environmental performance. On average, our customers receive up to a 60% reduction in emissions, 22% reduction in specific fuel consumption, and a reduction or elimination of TRS excursions.

Fuel Efficiencies

Evaluating the worth of a project typically boils down to one deciding factor –  return on investment. 
Through fuel cost savings alone, our customers recover their investment in  a matter of months  and go on to realize a significant fuel cost advantage within the first year of operations. Turbulent Diffusion Technology sets the industry standard for fuel efficiency and return on investment.